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work information

I work in a fast food Resturant as part of the managment on the resturat level. But i will not tell you which if you would like to know more email me i might tell you.

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Contact Information

you can email me

you can also give me some feedback for what you think of my page and can give me some suggestions i will be very greatfull

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Current projects

I am not working on any projects at the moment but soon i will wish me luck

About me

I was born in hampshire in the late 70's. had my early education from their then i had to travel to asia where my parients originated i had some education their then i came back to uk did some studies and started working during this period i continued my studies when ever i had chance i did HNC in computing and i have just finished my course in web page designing this is my first actual web page which i have done the actual coding although it is a basic page but i will be updateing it during the course of the future.

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Personal intrests

I don't have any extraodinary intrests i do a bit of Stamp collecting and also i do a bit of coin collection plus i like to travel when ever i have time to do it
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